27 November 10
A TSB Thanksgiving


Welcome back friends and family! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving wherever you were.

This year my husband and I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner (for eight) at our home. It’s certainly not a lot of people but given our space it was a full house. Prior to preparing the meal I was thankful for the usual things - a great job, my health, my family and their health, etc. After Thanksgiving I have a whole new take on things. I think it’s a perspective that you can only have after you have actually done it. Now I’m more thankful for my Mom and all the dinners she has put on the table year-after-year with very little help from any of us. I’m thankful for all the friends and relatives who have prepared a holiday meal for my enjoyment throughout the years and I apologize if I never said so. I must say I truly had no idea what it takes to pull this off.

I also have to admit that I didn’t do this by myself and I don’t think I could have. I’m so thankful to have a husband who cares enough to fight with me over what recipes to prepare and who has the willingness to do most of the cooking while I tend to the baking. I realize that not every Thanksgiving meal is prepared with this husband/wife team effort, I know I’m lucky to have him.

I now know what it feels like to sit down to a meal that you have been planning for weeks and preparing for days. Mom - I get it! I promise I will never pressure you to sit down and eat with us again.

For all of those who couldn’t join us I made a photo gallery to give you the highlights of what you missed. I’m going to take a few days of rest to heal my aches and pains (physical and emotional) and then I’ll be moving on to Christmas cookies. See you then!

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